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We have experience of stock market from last 19 years and we had tracked how stocks performed when market is bearish or bullish. We had learnt a lot of strategies where to apply and when to apply. We have extreme knowledge in NUMEROLOGY and ASTROLOGY.


We are here with our sound knowledge in Stock Market, Numerology, and Astrology.

Numerology basically came from our "VAIDIC ANK-SHASHTRA - our Vedas." To see the Magic Of Numerology, please click on "My Forecast" and see the past videos and News paper cuttings...

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Why Numerology

Anywhere when figure is concern then automatically it's a subject of Numerology.

As you know in stock market, Sensex, Nifty and stock prices are figures. So it is a subject of numerology.


How To Use Numerology

The numerology says that wherever the figure is coming, the numerology is consult. Every day, the future share's closing rate gives us a magical figure and it decides share's upside target and down side target. This is a numerology wonder that we get the upside and down side target from the one figure and like this numerology creates magic by magical figure.

Traders have to be careful about the magical figure. We buy the share when the share price is running over the magical figure and get the profit at numerology?s decided upside targets.

When the share price is running below magical figure then we have to sell it and get profit at neurology's decided downside targets.


In this uncertain market if you get the help of numerology, you will definitely make money both down and up side.


It's mean that 'Head' and 'Tail' both are yours. It is a power of Numerology.

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